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The Word Of Modern Art: Artists as Writers

The Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation

March 5 – October 30, 2015

Formal black text heading, "The Word of Modern Art: Artists as Writers" with a lengthy description on a white background.
White walled gallery space with light brown wood flooring. Closest to use on the left on a wall going diagonally to the right is the painting by Marsden Hartley, "Anemones". On the right side of the frame you can see several small sculptures mounted on white rectangular blocks, and beneath the framed art works on the left wall there are pieces of paper and books scattered on a white shelf.

Paintings and writings by Marsden Hartley, David Burliuk, & Marc Chagall

Front view of the wall with framed art works. Closest to us are glass covered box installations, and to the right of us against the wall is small medium brown sculpture of female form seated cross legged.

Art & writing by Hartley, Burliuk, Chagall and Picasso; sculpture by Chaim Gross

View of two white gallery wall intersection to the center right of us. The walls are crowded with framed art pieces, most prominently a large painting of a female and male figure on the left and a portrait of a young man with dark hair on the top right. Directly in front of us is series of tiny dark colored sculptures mounted on a rectangular box with a glass covering them. There is a light brown wood bench directly behind this installation.
View of the front three walls of the exhibition. The one one the left is the same wall that features the portrait of a young man and is also covered in a collection of framed drawings. In the bottom left corner there is a small sculpture in dark brown of a young man's face. To the right you can see the initial mounted description of the exhibition as well as more artworks on the walls.

Drawings & writings by sculptors: Zorach, Moore, Liphchitz and Epstein

Cropped image showing only the left wall in the previous description. An open book in a glass box on a rectangular mount in now more prominent on the right front of us.