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Circus & Vaudeville

The Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation

February 4 – October 16, 2016

Wood block print of a woman in a tutu standing on a tightrope. Beneath her there are two audience members and in the background there are the outlines of a bigger audience as well. Behind her two people swing up in a symmetrical crescent shape holding onto what appears to be a small childlike figure.
Symmetrical bronze sculpture of four female figures. Each side is identical with one ballerina standing on one leg with the other leg slightly pointed out, linking arms with the other ballerina who is flying horizontally out to the side.
Colorful composition of a circle of circus performers standing on a red and white striped platform surrounded by a large audience. In the center facing us is a blonde man holding a small alligator, with a woman holding a snake to the right and a clown to the left. The composition has a blue border with a yellow and red block pattern on it.
Black line art cartoonish drawing of a smiling man walking animatedly towards the left with a profile view of his face towards us. On the man's body there are drawings of various aspects of nature and animals.
Painting of a circus performance, in the front left two male figures balance on a large white horse as a man holds up a woman swinging on a tall brown pole. On the right two female figures balance on another large white horse. Closest to us at the bottom of the frame the faces of two clowns are visible. Behind the performers there are seats filled with audience members stacked upon each other.
Charcoal drawing of a woman seated on a bicycle balancing on a thin rope. On the front end of the bicycle she uses a long pole to balance which is propped beneath her calf. She has long dark hair and wears a large, light colored sun hat.
Charcoal drawing of three women. The woman on the left bends over the adjust her shoe and is wearing a long skirt with a plaid pattern, the one in the center twists around with an inquisitive expression on her face, her torso facing us and legs in the opposite direction. She wears a plaid blouse and a dark undergarment. To the right, the final woman stands facing us with a stoic expression on her face wearing a turtleneck and dark, long skirt.
Painting of the organic shape of a human head. The eyes are solid, aquamarine blue with no pupil or iris and have red dots above them. The nose has no defining bridge but large, defining nostrils painted in black. The lips of the person are bright red, the same color as the dots, and are parted in an expression of dismay. At the neck the person is wearing a white collar with lines of the same blue as the eyes.
Dark, smooth, metal sculpture of a lanky humanoid figure balancing on their hands with their legs swung in a crescent shape above their head. The face has no defining facial features and is looking towards us. The sculpture is mounted on a black marble block.
Painting of a woman standing on the right with her profile facing us, putting on lipstick while looking into a mirror. Her skin is painted in bright shades of salmon pink, her hair is curly, golden brown, and she wears a midnight blue dress with a neon yellow collar. The mirror is small and grey and sits on a thin, light brown dresser.
Ink drawing of three humanoid figures. On the left the figure is colored with a brush of lavender and is lifting one leg vertically into the air. The center figures side profile is facing us and is holding their hand tenderly around their torso, which is colored red. Their left leg is placed in front of their body and is painted orange. A human face is visible at the middle person's feet. On the right the figure is colored yellow and is turned sideways holding a bouquet of blue flowers.
Sculpture of a man bending over to lift a small weight standing on a teal mat. His skin is painted a splotchy red and his hair is black. He is wearing blue and red polka dot shorts and as he bends over one hand rests on the back of his shorts. The weights have one black ball on each end of a white rope. The sculpture is mounted on a red and white decorative block.
Photo of a white gallery wall with a large, colorful tapestry hung on it. To the left of us there are two small, dark sculptures mounted on rectangular white blocks. On the very bottom right of the frame there is a small red stool beneath the tapestry.
Two white gallery walls intersect to the left of us. On the right wall a colorful tapestry is hanging, and on the left the vibrant composition by Mimi Gross, "Fred Dean's Circus in Maine" is hung up closest to us. Between those two pieces there are four small art works hung in three cream frames and one black frame. A small dark brown sculpture of four female figures, by Chaim Gross, "The Flying Ballerinas" sits in the middle of the two walls and a small, dark brown sculpture of a person standing on a horse is in the bottom right of the frame, in front of the other pieces.
White gallery wall with large printed description beneath a decorative title "Circus & Vaudeville" in colorful, vintage type. On the left of the description is a large painting with performers and an audience in a medium brown frame, and to the right is painting of man wearing a crown and a red cape in a beige frame with a gold outside. On a small shelf beneath the paintings and description there are two smaller artworks in beige frames on the left, and two photos in black frames and a black bust of a man's head on the right.
Two white gallery walls intersect to the right of us. On the left wall is a yellow-brown sculpture of two female figures balancing on each other hung up with three small black and white photos in black frames on a shelf beneath it. In the corner where the walls intersect is a dark brown, small sculpture of woman stepping forward.
Photo of a white gallery with light brown wood floors and a young man standing on a metal ladder painting the wall to the right of us. On the wall to the left behind him there is a sculpture hung of two female figures, one laying down with the other balancing on her legs. To the right front of him there are three dark brown sculptures of people, and the illustration by Marc Chagall, "The Circus Performers".
Photo of a white gallery wall with light brown wood flooring beneath it. In front of us is a large black sculpture of three tiny people balancing on a gigantic horse. Behind this sculpture is another black sculpture by Chaim Gross, "The Flying Ballerinas" which is a symmetrical composition of four female figures, one standing and holding the other as they fly horizontally outwards on each side. On the wall behind the sculptures is a large line drawing of the horse sculpture in a light cream frame. Next to the drawing the corner of a large, colorful artwork is barely visible.
A white gallery wall with a small black sculpture by Chaim Gross, "The Flying Ballerinas" which is a symmetrical composition of four female figures, one standing and holding the other as they fly horizontally outwards on each side on the right, and to the right the left half of a colorful tapestry with the wording "Stars from the Moscow Circus" and a woman in circle frame gesturing to the left on it.

Press Release

A new installation organized by Foundation Director Susan Fisher and Collections Curator Sasha Davis featuring over 50 paintings, sculptures, and works on paper from circa 1880-1980, many of which have never been exhibited. Works by over 15 American and European artists, including:

Elie Nadelman

Carl Walters

Abraham Walkowitz

Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Benny Andrews

Raphael Soyer

Moses Soyer

Marc Chagall

Reginald Marsh

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Emmanuel Mane-Katz

Bil Baird

Mimi Gross

Chaim Gross

Pablo Picasso