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Circa 1945

The Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation

June 5 – September 30, 2014

Painting split diagonally in half with a black section on the left and white section on the right. In the middle is a red, rhombus with a blue square on the black side above it.
Large painting of geometric shapes in soft, pastel tones with large, blue squares scattered in three areas of the composition.
Orange toned, square painting with rectangular, blocky, geometric shapes and a small, neon green circle in the center outlined in dark blue.
Painting on tan paper with a sideways rectangular shape in the middle in royal blue with small black lines on it. Surrounding the rectangle are organic lines and shapes in black and white, with  soft yellow color around them.
Four cloaked figures, two wearing black and blue and the other two wearing black and yellow. The back ground is a pale blue, and there is a white, fabric shape between the figures. They are walking towards the right side of the frame and are holding large sticks that resemble old fashioned rifles.
Abstract painting in muted red, blue, and white with black outlines. The organic, chaotic shapes of white dining ware are broken up by thick black lines. What appear to be plates or bowls have red colored liquid inside of them.